Arc Flash Suit Lakeland Protective


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Arc Flash Suit Lakeland Protective – CV.Sahiya Safety Indonesia Merupakan Distributor Baju Anti Listrik ARC Flash CAT 4 48 CAL Terlengkap Dijakarta.

Diskripsi :

✅CAT4 48 cal Arc Flash
Protective Suit
✅Model: AR48
✅The kit include an Arc Flash Long Coat, Bib Pants, Hard Hat, Hood, Arc Flash Gloves, Leg Covers &
Storage Bag.
✅Fabric: 3 layers 6.5oz DH
Protecting Rating: CAT4 48cal/m2
Arc Flash Protective Hood: Arc shield and fabric are connected by flame.retardant buckle. Easy to
clean. With hangingring on the top for easy storage. With helmet bracket and buckle, helmet can be
assembled inside the hood. Anti-fog coating. Adequate space for head movement.Hood overlapped
the coat for safety. ATPV values on the lower left corner of front side.
✅Long Coat: 32 length for full coverage. Stand up collar for movement.No metal accessorieswhich may
induct arc flash accident.
✅Bib Pants: Bib style for comfort wearing. Adjustable loop andbuckles on bib strap. Tear drop style
swing pockets hold plenty items. Velcro leg openings with gussets make for easy on and off. No metal
accessories which may induct arc flash accident.
Arc Flash Protective Gloves: 40cm length gloves for full coverage with sleeves. Can be used with coat.
Arc Flash Protective Leg covers: Leg covers can be used with boots or insulated shoes. Can be used
with pants.
✅CE EN 61482